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Getting Gainz

Published Friday, May 24, 2019 8:00am


Right off of Walnut, in the new cute beachy community of Town Creek is an adorable little bakery called “Gainz Bakery.” Walking in, you are greeted with all the traditional sweet treats (colorful cupcakes and muffins) and coffee/smoothie options, so unless you spot a “Keto Coffee” or read into each dish, it would be easy to think this an ordinary cafe/bakery.

But No. You would be wrong. Gainz Bakery is healthy. Like really healthy. Like it is completely gluten-free and uses ZERO traditional sugar. As in ALL the foods are made in house and are completely whole food based. They have vegan options and all of the meals are carefully portioned out and labeled with all them lovely macronutrients. This place is every keto, low carb, paleo- lover’s dream. And it just happens to be delicious.

They’re right next door to a CrossFit gym and the businesses literally feed off of each other (get it?!). Most days you can see muscle-blessed guys and gals, filtering through the doors to grab a Keto Coffee or a quick bite. But us non-Olympiads (points finger at self) are also welcome!

For our lunch, we pre-ordered three different meal options, bought two deserts, and each got a low carb drink (the smoothie, oOoh the smoothie). It was excessive, it was a lot, it was probably way above the suggested healthy portions of the establishment, but we did it for you guys. Commitment for the cause! More pictures of more portions for more options of tried out noms for you lovely guys.  Yooooou’re welcome!!

The first lovely dish we tried was their Sesame Steak Bowl. It was D-licious. The stir-fried green beans were cooked perfectly and had the oh-so-desirable green bean crunch. The meat, thick slices of glazed sirloin steak, had a slightly spicy kick and was semi-sweet (but still sugar-free), and we sopped that awesome sauce up with our (optional) bed of rice.

The second dish we got was a Toasted Sesame Chicken Protein Bowl with stir-fried veggies and a semi-sweet Asian glaze. This dish reminded us of jerk chicken with an Asian twist.

Moving on, our last mega nom was a scrumptious low carb breakfast sandwich, where the English muffin was replaced with a *MAGIC* cheddar herb biscuit that somehow had only 1 FREAKING GRAM of carbs. The egg was cooked just as you would want it, with the yolk bursting out at the first bite…. Mmm… If you are not taking slow-motion videos of your bursting egg yolk for your food blog (not that we did that…) (we totally did that) we’d recommend getting a fork, as the bun doesn’t hold up quite as well as a traditional wheat bun.

Raspberry Cream Boba Tea with chia seeds… Let’s say it together again, Raspberry Cream Boba Tea with Chia Seeds!!!! - aaand it is sugar-free. This was the cream (pun intended) of the crop as far as we are concerned. We’ll come back for the food, but we will stalk them for the mock-Boba tea. It does not taste like a traditional Boba tea, but rather like a smoothie, but we don’t care, it is delicious. The other member of this crew got the Keto coffee option, Bulletproof coffee (very different, good for Keto diet…), and kept stealing sips of the Boba Tea!

For our dessert, we got two chocolate options, a Chocolate Zucchini muffin cooked with egg whites, Dutch chocolate, stevia, and a bit of apple sauce to give some sweetness, spread some butter on it and dig in. The other dessert option we tried was an absolutely scrumptious little ball of chocolatey heaven, a mini sweet potato brownie.

All in all, Gainz Bakery makes a great addition to the New Braunfels foodscape, filling a void that our bellies didn’t know needed to be filled. We will see you there.

Gainz Bakery's Backyard Oasis

Gainz Bakery is owned and founded by the lovely Elaina and Ross Flanigan.

They are committed to trying to buy everything local for more fresh, more delicious noms, while supporting the community. Their most recent beef purchase was a whole cow, as grass fed as grass-fed could be, from the tiniest of tiny family farms, Hamilton Cattle Company. This cow was one of 5 cows that they had. *shocked gasp*

Gainz Bakery is ZERO WASTE. Meaning, every single veggie/food scrap that’s unused in a dish is saved and boiled down and turned into veggie stocks that are later used in sauces. Any unsold food is donated at the end of the week.

Every Friday they do burgers, and on Saturday they have a special if you buy four prepared meals you get one free (double date/fifth wheel picnic anyone?). They also offer consultation and diet plans, offering anything from a couple of meals a week to six meal/snacks a day with a completely customized to you and your goals and preferences training/workout plan.

See them in the Herald-Zeitung.