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The King of Crab, "Krab King"

Published Friday, January 17, 2020 10:00am

I had been talking with THE KRAB KING(z) for a while before he came to town. I got pulled in by the teaser photos of delicious herb butter smothered crab posted on *The Gram* and had to know more details. Back then he was in the middle of navigating city permitting and scouting locations in New Braunfels from afar while trying to secure enough leave in his military schedule to make it to town and be able to open. That's a lot. A whole lot of lot.

        Actually, on a side tangent, even without all those extra scheduling and time difficulties to overcome, to set up a food truck with correct permitting and in a legal location near foot traffic in New Braunfels is notoriously difficult. I myself used to be a part of the camp that thought all the extra hoops to be superfluous and unnecessary, but I changed my mind recently, as in precisely in the middle of this past November, when those 2 food trucks exploded setting off a chain of mayhem in San Marcos.  

           San Marcos had not previously required the WAY FREAKING EXPENSIVE fire suppression systems in food trucks that New Braunfels does and when those two trucks exploded, they ended up destroying or damaging 4 trucks total and 7 nearby buildings. Eek! Good call New Braunfels! I commend you for sticking to your difficult permit/regulation rules and not letting us explode. <3

But I digress.

        The Krab King toughed his way through it all (YAY!) and is now set up with all the checks in all the boxes, over at Gruene Harley-Davidson. He parks his shiny red castle there most weekends and cranks out amazingly juicy, delectable, cooked crustaceans, covered in a flavored, herbed butter sauce of your choosing. Delicious Decapods (look it up).


Krab King 2


         We popped by the other day and ordered up a "Small Shrimp" which comes with 8 shrimp, a sausage, and potatoes covered with cajun butter. Even with the cajun seasoning, the shrimp was still pleasantly sweet and cooked just the right amount of time. No chewy rubbery shrimp here (top food pet peeve anyone?).  The potatoes absolutely melted in your mouth and had absorbed all the cajun flavoring. 


Krab King 3


           Actually, everything in both things we ordered had absorbed so much delicious salty buttery flavor that I'm really curious about his cooking process. How did they get it to take on that much butter flavor?!! It was ridiculous! Everybody knows that the main joy, and best part of eating crab at a restaurant, is the warm melted butter on the side to roll and dip your pieces in, trying to shove them in your mouth before any drips off for maximum butter-levels. But this was above that. Above directly completely soaking your crab in a dish of butter and immediately putting it in your mouth. The crab inside its shell was more flavorful and more buttery than that one we ordered at Myrons after we took off the shell. As in somehow the crab (inside its shell!!) and all the sides ( cajun butter coated egg and potatoes anyone? nom!) had somehow already acquired it's magic without any of our help. Teach me your ways King of crabs!


Krab King 4


         Our other order was the large Snow Krab Platter that came with two crab clusters, one corn (amazingly juicy), an egg, a sausage, and potatoes. We got that with the honey garlic butter and it was (as described above) beyond amazing with it's butter infusion and great big pieces of perfectly cooked jiggly crab. We need to come back and try some of the other butter flavors offered (original, lemon pepper, spicy, and caribbean jerk) to see if they are all such mega hits. I honestly would eat my arm if it was covered in one of the butter sauces we ordered, it's that good.


Krab King 5


          One thing that threw us (besides the unexplainable butter infusion) was the sausage that was served as a side with the food. It was a side. It was at a crab food truck. And yet.... It was seriously amazing! Why is there freaking top bbq joint quality stellar sausage at a crab food truck?! I, the half of this team that is writing this post, would actually say that this is my favorite sausage in town. No joke. Topping out Krauses, any BBQ restaurant or food truck previously reviewed. It was amazingly juicy, garlicky, and salty. It literally squirted when I bit into it.

            Please go to this pleasantly confusing food truck and support the King. He's military, he's cooking great food, he's new in town, and I FREAKING WANT HIM TO STAY HERE AND FEED ME! Please.... That is all. Thank you. <3