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Creative City Featured Artist: Gregory Lambert

Published Monday, February 22, 2021 9:00am

 Gregory LambertArtist

I grew up in Houston and spent most of my adult life raising a family in nearby Conroe while working as a system software designer for a major oil company. After retiring nine years ago, my wife and I immediately moved to New Braunfels to be close to our kids and grandchildren while settling into our beautiful new hometown.

For most of my life I’ve enjoyed making things. All kinds of things. I’m a self-taught artist with no formal training in art and no desire to make a living at it, so I’m free to take on whatever art project strikes my fancy, regardless of the medium, subject matter or technical difficulty of the piece. It’s wonderful!

When my wife and I were first married I started making furniture to save money. About that time I also purchased a wood turning lathe that I used to make bowls and boxes for many years. That led to an interest in woodcarving, which I focused o for a decade or so before eventually buying kiln to fire lots of porcelain figurines and sculptures.

After retiring, I discovered mosaics and glass-on-glass mosaics, which I still enjoy making at m house with my daughter, who is a far better artist than I. A few years ago I joined the wonderful New Braunfels Art League, where they graciously allow me to display a few of my pieces now and then.

The other place that I make and display art is the Flying Armadillo Disc Golf Club in San Marcos.  My sons and I started working on this massive do-it-yourself project seven years ago, building two 18 hole courses and a pro shop in that time.  My son runs the disc golf business, but for me the Dillo is where I make and display some of my larger art projects.  This includes things like a large mosaic floor mural, chainsaw carved benches, a few large ceramic sculptures, a faux bois mosaic bench, and a tree filled with flying fish carved from wood.  Some would say that a few of the hazards built on the disc golf putt-putt course could be considered art projects in their own right.

Yes, life is great here in New Braunfels.  It's just a shame though, that it took us so long to get here.

- Gregory Lambert


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