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Explore Natural Bridge Caverns

Published Monday, January 4, 2021 11:00am

During last months trip to New Braunfels, TX we made our way to the exquisite Natural Bridge Caverns. As you know this trip was a welcome escape from our life in quarantine, but I was still very nervous about what we were doing and how we are navigating a little normalcy in the middle of a pandemic.

As a family we love adventure and thrive on entertainment, especially when we can all enjoy activities together. Natural Bridge Caverns was the perfect thing to do during our trip to New Braunfels, TX. It’s filled with excitement, wonderment, and has something for everyone in my family.

Things to do in new braunfels TX Natural Bridge Caverns

Natural Bridge Caverns Story:

In March of 1960, Orion Knox Jr., Preston Knodell, Al Brandt and Joe Cantu, four college students from St. Mary’s University in San Antonio, obtained permission to explore the area that is now Natural Bridge Caverns. The students were convinced that large underground passages existed under the amazing 60-foot limestone bridge. On their fourth expedition, Orion felt a cool draft from a rubble-filled crawlway. Such air currents often indicate the presence of additional rooms or passages.

The explorers made their way carefully climbing and crawling through two miles of vast cavern passage. After making this amazing discovery, they returned to the surface to tell the landowners. The discoverers knew immediately what an astonishing find they had made and the land owners decided to develop the first 1/2 mile, the most spectacular part of the caverns, for the enjoyment of guests from around the world. That first 1/2 mile is now the Discovery Tour. Natural Bridge Caverns Discovery Tour was developed with two main goals in mind: preservation of the caverns’ environment and comfort of its guests. The result is one of the world premier show caverns, and one of the most popular attractions in Texas.

Our trip started with a cavern tour. The Cavern staff did a great job at making us feel safe and comfortable. Our tour guide laid out the rules of mandatory face masks and keeping our space in-between groups. If you have yet to discover what is below the earth’s surface of Natural Bridge Caverns this is definitely a great time to go.

There are four experiences to choose from at Natural Bridge Caverns. The Hidden Passages Tour, Discovery Tour, Combo Tour, and VIP Tours can be scheduled during operating hours. Head 180 ft below the earths surface.

Before you go make sure you have your masks and walking shoes on, there are some steep areas and stairs within the tours. The temperature in the cave is cool 70°, we found the temperature to be very comfortable, but did have light jackets along with us. Expect to spend about an hour underground for each tour.

As drops of water make their way below the earths surface to the underground chambers they transform into these natural wonders of statuesque stalagmites, stalactites, flowstones, chandeliers and soda straws.

Beyond the caverns tours is a whole other dimension to Natural Bridge Caverns. The property also includes surface attractions.

Gem and Fossil Mining

Water runs from a wooden water tower through a series of troughs called a sluice. Pour bags of mining “rough” into a screen tray and lower your tray into the trough of water. While you sift and shake the tray, flowing water reveals amethyst, rose quartz, emeralds, arrowheads, or even fossils.

Miesha was just as excited to pan for treasures as her older brothers. Choose from Gem & Mineral bags, Fossil bags and Arrowhead bags.



Challenge your family to a timed maze excursion complete with checkpoints, a bridge and towers.

Twisted Trails

A unique experience that is complete with ropes and zip lines.  The 60-foot high ropes course includes vertical rope ladders, double beams, and lily pads.  The course is a 685 total feet of suspended track.

Minimum Height: 48” or 42” with a paid chaperone. Maximum Weight: 300 lbs.

Under 4 foot Twisted Tykes

Tykes version of the Twisted Trails Zip Rail and Ropes Course attraction allows toddlers and young adventurers to experience mini courses. Tots under four-feet-tall can tackle this course. Parents will travel alongside their children and guide them through ropes and bridges on the way to their very own zip rail. 


The climbing walls designed to accommodate multiple climbers at one time or see who can rise to the challenge first. The vertical structures like the Jungle Gym, Astroball, Twister or the Face to Face as you make your way to the top of these challenges.

*Maximum weight is 300lbs.

Get your tickets to the Cavern tours today. 

Catch Christmas at the Caverns with underground caroling, Santa “Spelunker” Claus, a 30-foot Christmas tree, s’mores, live music, and 1/3 mile trail of lights.

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