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Happy Hour at McAdoo's

Published Tuesday, June 23, 2020 11:00am

Next on the series of: "Places I Made Make Me Food While I Hid In My Home" is McAdoo's!

We have a couple immunocompromised people in our family that CAN NOT get COVID, so we have been being extra extra careful so that we can keep them safe and also ourselves (so that we can continue to see them). That means we've been pulling out all the stops when it comes to keeping all those little virus bugs well and away from us. Or dead. Dead is great. Sanitizer's kind of our bff these days and our social distancing game is strong.

While lounging at home on the couch - being judged by Netflix (YES, we're still watching! Geez!) - we made a herculean effort, gathered up our energy and picked up the phone, called McAdoo's, luckily when "happy hour" was happening, and ordered up a feast.

We ordered crab cakes, 4 hamburger sliders, 2 orders of garlic bread, calamari, shrimp etouffee, grilled jumbo asparagus, and a bunch of other little sides that were awesome!!!

We are big fans of the Wiggins restaurants and love McAdoo's normal and brunch menus (click here to see our past post on them), but boy is it fun to get 20 cute mini dishes instead of 4 big ones. If you have a horde of miniature people to feed, want to relive your days of late night White Castle runs, or, like us, just wanted something different, call them up Monday to Friday between 3 and 6:30 pm and give yourself the joy of saying, "We'll take it all... no seriously." Our meal was delicious, diverse, and just over $50. Do it, you'll thank us later.

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