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Kimchi and Sauerkraut May Help Fight Off Covid-19; Where to stash up in New Braunfels

Published Wednesday, October 7, 2020 12:00pm

According to a new study from Montpellier University in France, countries where fermented
cabbage is featured prominently in their diet (ex: Germany and Korea) experience lower
mortality rates. The study found that because they have so much antioxidant-rich fermented
cabbage in their diet, they have boosted immunity and decreased levels of ACE2, an enzyme in
the lungs that makes an entry point for COVID-19 to enter body. The theory is that by eating
large quantities of fermented cabbage and reducing your levels of ACE2 in the body, Covid-19
will have a harder time gaining entry.

This study has yet to be peer reviewed, but according to the Baltimore Sun, that hasn't stopped
the average South Korean (who already consumes a large amount of Kimchi) from already
starting to stockpile the stuff and buying up even more than usual in an attempt to boost their
chances with the virus.

In these uncertain times, I'm definitely willing to eat more of two of my favorite foods to hedge
my bets a bit. If you're wanting to stock your fridge with some fermented foods, we luckily have
a pretty good selection here in New Braunfels.

Happy Gut Foods is a San Antonio local brand making small batches of both Kimchi and
Sauerkraut using local, organic ingredients. You can find them at the New Braunfels Farmers
Market on Saturdays.

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Happy Gut Foods
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HEB carries a couple varieties of kimchi, including the delicious Mother-In-Law's Everyday
Kimchi, and three options of sauerkraut (that I could find).

Also, New Braunfels' Kimchi options just majorly leveled up because we gained ourselves one
very amazing A-tan Asian Market that has its' own selection of Kimchi that you should
absolutely go and check out.