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Scoop Street's Scooping Again

Published Tuesday, June 23, 2020 10:00am

Hurray! You can now pop into their fluorescent, candy colored store and collect yourself a delicious cone, scoop, or float of any of their fantastic flavors.

We popped by recently, right before they started scooping again, and grabbed 5! pints to-go because everything looked good and we lacked enough self control to resist the "buy 4, get 1 free" deal they had going at the time.

Chocolate Milk, Peach Passion, Espresso, Chamomile and Honey, and Cookies and Cream.

Peach Passion was bright and tasted like peach o' rings candy. A slight sour tang but

The Chamomile and Honey was another winner. The tea lent it a nice, soft, light, comforting flavor and the honey, being mixed into the cold gelato became more of a chewy taffy texture. It was AWESOME.

They always have good, creative flavors in the case though. Can't wait to go by and get a scoop in a bowl now with some sort of gummies. Cause ice-cream and hard chewy gummies are up there in the list of life's small joys.

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