The Tea Charmer

1641 Hunter Rd | New Braunfels, TX 78130
(210) 488-2585

The Tea Charmer is a boutique shop nestled in the hill country of New Braunfels bringing specialty loose leaf teas, antique and vintage tea ware and accessories, specialty desserts, and vintage apparel to this charming town. The shop was created for customers to experience and create within their own homes a timeless space for the rich history in tea, the joy in the simplicity of a cup of tea, a place of refuge in an ever-changing world. The desire to share this experience with my customers came from my daughter. I have found her most cherished memories and time are spent not playing in a room full of toys with friends, but in her quaint treehouse sipping whatever flavor tea she has chosen and delicate dessert with a friend. It's as if time stops and all the worries and troubles fade. Giggles ring from the treetops, healing conversations, hearts full of joy. The simple becomes extraordinary. My hope is to bring this miraculous beauty to all who visit and provide the essentials to create this refuge within their own homes.
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1641 Hunter Rd
New Braunfels, TX 78130