Classic Rewind

April 27, 2024 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Classic Rewind began performing together in early 2022 as the backup band for RAW “The Band in SA” when one or more of the principal players in RAW were unavailable and the other band members were still available to perform. Classic Rewind features Homer Gutierrez on guitar and vocals, Phil Hearn on bass and vocals and Alan Bush on Drums. Homer was a working musician in the Dallas Fort Worth area before moving to San Antonio; Phil has performed with a multitude of bands in and around the San Antonio and Houston areas as a Texan born resident of Houston before moving to San Antonio; Alan is a San Antonio transplant from the Midwest via Los Angeles where he worked with a myriad of recording musicians, including Kenny Loggins, The Motels, Pat Metheny, Tom Scott, Gene Simmons of KISS and Rick Nelson among many others. The genre of music of pop classic rock music spans the gamut from the 60’s through turn of the 21st century hits. The band has a large repertoire, a large following and tries to accommodate most requests.

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