Ryan Waguespack

May 25, 2024 10:00am to 2:00pm

Ryan Waguespack is a very proficient professional fingerstyle acoustic guitarist (and multi-instrumentalist) that has enjoyed a successful music career. Ryan's versatility is quickly evident through his unique repertoire that showcases his influences and mastery of many styles of music; including: classical, rock, spanish guitar, country, jazz, and popular music known by everybody. Ryan has performed publicly in all of the aforementioned genres, and created a very deep catalog of music that you will not find anywhere else. Ryan can effortlessly switch from Bach to the Beatles, Stevie Wonder to Metallica, Billy Joel to Kool & the Gang, Styx to Garth Brooks, Clapton to Elvis, and bust out a Bob Marley song that you wouldn't think could be performed by a guitar soloist. Additionally, Ryan has enjoyed success as a composer, teacher, producer, and recorded several original albums. Ryan has played his own material in many jazz festivals, and shared the bill with some of the biggest names in the guitar and jazz world.

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