The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Presents: GARRISON KEILLOR TONIGHT

January 23, 2025 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Garrison Keillor Tonight offers a charming blend of stand-up comedy, storytelling, audience participation, and poetic musings, all delivered by the seasoned raconteur himself. Through sung sonnets, witty limericks, and musical jokes, Keillor explores the beauty of aging, finding solace in the simplicity of “less is more.” With a humorous reflection on college days and the realization that people pay for entertainment to escape unhappiness, Keillor shares insights into the joys of growing old gracefully. The performance includes updates from Lake Wobegon, a town bustling with quirky entrepreneurs and enduring traditions like the Living Flag ceremony on Main Street. Audience members join in a spirited a cappella sing-along, harmonizing nostalgic tunes ranging from patriotic songs to pop standards, culminating in a heartfelt rendition of the national anthem, fostering a sense of community and shared memories.



Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre