The Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre Presents: RICKY SKAGGS & KENTUCKY THUNDER

October 25, 2024 7:30pm to 9:30pm

Ricky Skaggs is a renowned figure in the world of music, with a career spanning over six decades. Beginning as a prodigious mandolin player at a young age, Skaggs’ journey has taken him through various musical genres, from bluegrass to country, while always maintaining his musical roots. He has garnered numerous accolades, including 15 Grammy Awards, and has been a driving force in the revival of traditional American music. Skaggs’ contributions extend beyond his own recordings, as he has produced albums for other artists and collaborated with legends like Bruce Hornsby and Ry Cooder. His versatility and dedication to preserving musical heritage have earned him induction into multiple Hall of Fames, solidifying his status as a master musician and cultural icon.



Brauntex Performing Arts Theatre