Yodel Blitz

April 24, 2024 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Do you like to have fun? …. So does Yodel Blitz! Yodel Blitz is a hilarious, German, folk-music based musical group that is ready to bring you beer-drinking, polka-dancing, yodel-blitzing fun in the German style. With decades of combined performance experience (but who’s counting?), Yodel Blitz leads their audiences willingly on a musical journey. They will have the crowd dancing, clapping and singing along in no time. Not a singer or dancer? No problem…just sit back and be entertained by the stellar performances on unusual folk instruments like the alphorn, Austrian cowbells and saw. In honor of our namesake, all this is topped off with lightning fast yodeling in 3-part harmony! This group provides quality, fun, German folk music for any event. Yodel Blitz features yodeling (as the name implies) along with 3-part harmonies, accordion, clarinet, bass, brass, alphorn and cowbells. Come sing, dance & yodel along to this fun musical group. They guarantee a beer-drinking, yodel-blitzing good time!

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