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Best US States to Visit for a Wild Weekend Trip

Published Friday, July 10, 2020 2:00pm

Are you piled up with work up to the neck? Want to run faraway for peace and life? Time for a weekend getaway to a perfect destination with the scenic views, delicious food, pristine beaches & cultural diversity. So make plans to visit the best US states for a wild weekend trip that will definitely ward off your stress and rejuvenate your mind completely. So let's get going then.

Washington DC
Let's start with the Capital of the nation itself, where there is ample attraction waiting for you to visit. If you are fascinated by the memorials, then take a tour at the National Mall. You can have a look at the Lincoln Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and towering Washington Monument. You can witness a handful of things to enjoy and relax. If you want to enjoy an on-the-water view, then get booked on the Hornblower cruises, as it offers daily as well as themed excursion tours also. 

To get your hands full of shopping bags and belly with delicious food, you must visit Georgetown. You will experience peace in having dined overlooking sparkling water and relishing in the view of Potomac. 

Though the city is busy with human life, there also exists animal life at the National Zoo. Don’t forget to greet and meet cute looking giant pandas, scary big cats and apes. Morning is the best time to walk around the zoo before the hustling and bustling of the day life starts.

How can you forget the secret nightlife of the state? There are many hidden speakeasy bars and lounges. Silver Lyan, Left Door, Chicken+Whiskey, Nocturne, and many more. 

This state offers an overall holiday package from a scenic view to vibrant nightlife to bustling nature. Start the weekend with Lake Tahoe situated on the Nevada and California border with the beautiful white mountains that have made a wall around a 22-mile long lake. Whether you visit in winter or summer, this place has everything for you to enjoy and be yourself. 

How can you forget the entertainment city of the world, Las Vegas? Here you can enjoy lavish hotels and resorts, restaurants and casinos. If you are in Las Vegas, don’t forget to walk yourself to the Wynn Las Vegas (Wynn). Luxury resort and frequently listed as the top-rated casino in the world. You will be mesmerized by its beautiful architecture.

Want to see dramatic rock formation and collection of colorful stones? Then, visit the valley of the fire state park.

If we are talking about adventure states, how can we forget the second largest state of the country? From cultural diversity to romantic gateway and adventurous trip, this place has it all under its cover. Get yourself spaced out in the Space Centre Houston, where you can also take a peek at NASA's operation, most popular among tourists.

Want to see something unusual and artistic? Then, drive yourself to the Cadillac Ranch. It's an iconic site of vehicles standing in a line, 1/4th part buried into the ground, creative marks of everybody who wants to paint. It’s a spectacular and picturesque destination.

Take time out of your to-do list and admire the beauty of different stalactite formations in Natural Bridge Caverns. Adventure activities are also conducted by the authorities to have a lasting impact on its beauty on you.

Do you wish to see the place where most of the country’s presidents were born? Well then add Virginia in the list too! Shenandoah National Park at the center of the state provides a beautiful and heart capturing hiking trail. You will see the intensified beauty in October. A short drive from Skyline Drive towards the west is Luray Caverns. Cave of beautiful and vibrant stalactites and stalagmites formations. Here exists the world’s only stalactite organ that resonates when struck with rubber mallets.

Wildlife in the Chincoteague and Assateague Island is worth encountering. Assateague Island is situated to the east of Chincoteague Island. Wild ponies are the famous inhabitants of this island. Apart from wildlife, you can also enjoy nature, admire lighthouse, and delight in fishing and collecting seashells. 

Europe themed adventure park, Busch Gardens, that resembles Southern Germany is lightened with traditional dancers and Bavarian bands. To get your world upside down in the roller coaster ride of the Alps, the ruins of Pompeii and the Loch Ness Monster. 

Famous for blood rushing adventure, the state is popular among adventurers. All the variety of nature blends in one place that is called Glacier National Park. Witness the spectacular mountain ranges, mesmerizing waterfalls, glistening lakes, flourishing forest, and plentiful glaciers. Also, it has a 700 miles hiking trail to ward off your excess energy. The centerpiece of the land is the Triple Divide. 

The Big sky resort, always bustling with ski lovers. How can you rejuvenate when you have not done skiing in the biggest skiing in America? So, add it to your list whenever you visit Montana. Other places to enjoy your weekend are the Grizzly and wolf discovery center, Lewis and Clark Caverns State Park, and the Gates of the Mountains Wilderness.

So you have got the list ready in front of you. Just decide whether you want to go alone or with colleagues or friends or family. Choose the destination accordingly. If you like to play to ward off all the stress of your life then Wynn Las Vegas casino will give you the best experience with its top class service and entertainment. It includes a wide variety of table games, salons, poker rooms, and many more things.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags for an amazing weekend getaway.

- | July 10, 2020