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It’s Great to Be a Dog in New Braunfels!

Published Wednesday, August 26, 2020 3:00pm

Oh man, oh man, oh man, I have to tell you about the amazing day I had with my dog mom and dad in New Braunfels! It started off SUPER GREAT when my humans woke up early, put me on my leash, and took me out to the car. At first, I was concerned we might be going to the V-E-T, but when we pulled into the free parking at Landa Park, I just about went bonkers!

There was so much to see — and SMELL. I could barely contain my excitement as I sniffed and snuffed from tree to tree on our way to the jogging path. My people FINALLY picked up the pace a little, and we had the best run ever! I kept my cool when I saw the playground and the miniature train. I thought I had everything under control until SQUIRREL!!! So. Many. Squirrels.

I even saw some ducks down by the pond, but pups like me aren’t allowed in the water at Landa. So, I was like, “Whatever.” Lucky ducks.

But Wait, My Doggy Day Gets Even Better

We piled back in the car, and mom drove us to downtown New Braunfels. People were walking around everywhere. I got so many pets and pats. It seems like most of them thought my name was “Good Girl,” or “So Cute,” but I didn’t want to correct them and be rude. I almost got a lick of some ice cream, but mom said no. Again… whatever. 

While I was saying hello to all my new friends, mom and dad did some “window shopping.” I didn’t really understand that, since we don’t need any new windows. I mean, sometimes I get slobber all over the one by the door when I see Brad the mailman, but it works just fine otherwise.

We sat down at an outside patio where a man in a big hat was playing the guitar. A nice waitress brought me some water, which was awesome. But even better than that, dad accidentally dropped some fries! I love him, but he’s so clumsy! I gobbled them up so my waitress friend wouldn’t have to clean the mess. Doing my part, you know?

Back in the Car for More New Braunfels Adventures

After lunch, we jumped back in the car and drove out to a river outfitter on the Guadalupe River. It was time to get into the water! Dad went to get some tubes while mom and I splashed around a bit. I made sure to stay on my leash so that she wouldn’t get lost. Humans do NOT have a good sense of direction.

Everyone had a great time as we floated the river. I saw more ducks! It was cool in the water, so the sun felt great on my fur. But when we got out, I did my best sprinkler impression and got everyone wet. Good times.

Hanging With My Pals

Mom drove us out to my favorite place EVER: The dog park! Right here in New Braunfels, can you believe it? Things were about to get OFF. THE. CHAIN. Literally. I was finally able to run free to play with my old friends and make some new doggo besties. After about 2.5 minutes of sniffing, yapping, and frolicking, dad said it was time to go home. He said we’d been there an hour, but there’s NO WAY that’s possible. I was having too much fun.

When we finally got home, my humans made themselves busy with chores. I laid down for a nap in a sunny spot by the door. I must have really been tired because I didn’t even notice when my pal the mailman dropped off some letters.

I tell you, it’s great to be a dog in New Braunfels.

Some photos of my paw-some day in New Braunfels!
              A black and tan dog swims to the shore of the Guadalupe River, triumphantly returning a green tennis ball for another round of fetch!       A black and tan mixed breed dog lays on a beach towel next to the Guadalupe River after a fun swim!